Awakening to Philosophical Health

We may be looking for objective possibilities in the real world if it seems we can grab or purchase them as available choices: this is a weaker sense of the possible, a possibility that is ready-made as opposed to the unimpossible of creal virtuality. Philosophical dis-ease happens when we neglect our intercreative sense of the possible while developing conformism. Philosophical health, ideally, helps us to avoid becoming reified in the rigid manner of neon signs (de Miranda, Being and Neonness, 2019).

“It would be rather unfortunate if our patients had to understand Heraclitus or Hegel in order to get well; but none can attain to genuine health unless the physician succeeds in awakening in him that spark of mind that must be awake in order for the person to feel the slightest breath of that koinos cosmos, […] the life of the universal.” (Binswanger, Dream and Existence, 1963: 244).

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