Three Forms of Intelligence According to Crealectics

The authors of the following article used my tripartite definition of intelligence to reflect on Deepfakes:

Campbell, C., Plangger, K., Sands, S., & Kietzmann, J. H. (2022). The coming reality of fakes: How Deepfakes and AI could reshape the ad industry. JOURNAL OF ADVERTISING RESEARCH.

“We draw in literature during the discussion of our findings to situate them within winder understanding. This section provides a review of ‘AI’ in terms of how it encompasses three different types of intelligence: analytic, interpretative, and creative (de Miranda 2020) since it frames our ensuing investigation.”

Here is the source:

de Miranda, Luis. 2020. “Artificial intelligence and philosophical creativity: From analytics to crealectics” Human Affairs, vol. 30, no. 4, 2020, pp. 597-607.

Read my article in open access:

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