What on Earth is Philosophical Health?

Take a deep breath. And another. By doing so, you just experienced your bodily sense. We all get a sense of what physical health is when our body feels energised or relaxed. Sometimes our bodily sense feels sore or painful and sometimes we forget about it. Now say your first name out loud, like me: I am Luis. You just experienced your sense of self. Perhaps saying your first name out loud comes with a feeling of pride, or embarrassment. Now imagine being in a room all together with familiar people, and all shouting at the same time: We are here! That would be a glimpse at your sense of belonging. Sometimes we feel that we don’t really belong to an inspiring group of people, or sometimes we feel we are too dependent on others who may or may not be like us.

It is possible to think about these senses in a way that does not have to be narrowly associated with any form of mental disease. It’s normal to feel angst about the future or the present when we look too realistically at things. Sometimes it’s just that we feel that our sense of the possible is not optimal: we don’t feel that the sky is the limit, that we can take our life to infinity and beyond. We may feel that it is only possible to adapt and conform to a reality we have not chosen. Now think about this: why are you here? Why would you book a philosophical health session with me? That touches upon your sense of purpose. To reflect on mental health in terms not of disease but of sense of purpose, vision, values and adequation between our thoughts, ideals and acts, that is philosophical health.

More and more today, people all over the world are using the help of philosophical counsellors to get a sense of the meaning of their life, in a friendly dialogue that is not out there to prescribe pills or judge by diagnoses. Thinking healthily can be a way toward healing. So, what is your philosophical sense and how can it help you thrive?

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