Year: 2021

  • Uppsala universitet och de tre åldrarna av hälsa: fysisk, psykologisk, filosofisk

    Uppsala universitet och de tre åldrarna av hälsa: fysisk, psykologisk, filosofisk

    Vi vet vad är ”fysisk hälsa” och vi tycker att det är uppenbart att vi behöver det. Men det var inte alltid uppenbart. För två hundra år sedan var gymnastik en lyx för de lyckliga få, när Pehr Henrik Ling, fäktningsmästare vid Uppsala universitet, blev den första chefen för det nya Gymnastika centralinstitutet. Idag anses…

  • The Philosophical Possible

    The Philosophical Possible

    In order to express the interdependence not only of all things but also of the physical, the psychological and the spiritual realms, the crealectic approach distinguishes threes modes of possibility: the physical possible, the psychological possible, and the philosophical possible. The physical possible relates to initial conditions in the analytic realisation of discretizable things via material causality. The psychological possible relates to…

  • Become Your Own Self-Conscious Program.

    Become Your Own Self-Conscious Program.

    There is a human-induced process of equalization at work on earth: transformation of difference into sameness. From the point of view of the master, there is the belief that it is possible to impose such dissolution of specificity on others without affecting the master’s singularity. The idea is that once beings are transformed into standard…

  • Humanity: a Saturated Draft?

    Humanity: a Saturated Draft?

    The assumption that technology is a bigger part of our lives than ever before must be questioned. It seems true because we are an industrious species with a short memory. Many of us can’t even remember what everyday life looked like before we had mobile phones. It might be a fact that new inventions are…

  • What is Universally True

    What is Universally True

    When people say that knowledge is “universally true,” we must understand that it is like railroads, which are found everywhere in the world but only to a limited extent. To shift to claiming that locomotives can move beyond their narrow, and expensive rails is another matter. Yet magicians try to dazzle us with “universal laws”…

  • Call for Chapters – Possibility, (Re)Generation, Care

    Call for Chapters – Possibility, (Re)Generation, Care

    Call for Chapters for a collective book (including a symposium) Possibility, (Re)Generation, Care: Perspectives on Philosophical Health  Edited by Luis de Miranda[1] and Elisabetta Basso This book is the first of its kind to explore the emerging concept of philosophical health in contemporary contexts of care as distinct from, yet complementary to physical and psychological forms…

  • Earthly Constellation

    This picture, taken today, is not from the night sky but from the ice melting on the surface of the salted water of an arm of the Baltic sea (Saltsjö-Boo, Sweden).

  • Meaning is Healing: Generative Philosophy Against Pandemic Totalitarianism

    Meaning is Healing: Generative Philosophy Against Pandemic Totalitarianism

    In common parlance, poetry and philosophy are often considered to be inoperative, beautifully vain, gratuitous as would be our flights of fancy. Poets and philosophers are often seen as marginal or passive observers, masters in escaping the seriousness of realism. But philosophy and poetry are here to remind us that the object and the subject,…

  • Not All Those Who Wander are Lost

    Not All Those Who Wander are Lost

    The drive that Lewis Mumford called “the will-to-order” is at the core of technological progress. To exemplify the damage that can be generated by monolithic forms of analytic intelligence attempting to rule biodiversity and neurodiversity, we can take the recent example of French management of national forests. In the early 2000s, the French government introduced…

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