The Philosophical Possible

In order to express the interdependence not only of all things but also of the physical, the psychological and the spiritual realms, the crealectic approach distinguishes threes modes of possibility: the physical possible, the psychological possible, and the philosophical possible. The physical possible relates to initial conditions in the analytic realisation of discretizable things via material causality. The psychological possible relates to the dialectic realm and its movements of tensions, dualities, degrees of liberty, alterity or alienation. The third mode, the philosophical possible, originates in the crealectic intelligence process by which ideation as a spiritual property of the universe transmutes (into) coherent, regenerative and eudynamic realities. I believe that attempts at explaining how this transmutation might be brought about constitutes the very history of philosophy itself, from Plato to Hegel et al., from hermeticism to process philosophy. Indeed, for a crealectician, philosophy is not the mere logical analysis of truth conditions, but the self-questioning process of thought regarding its own possibilizing and world-making power.

Luis de Miranda, Big Bang 2, acrylic painting 3/11/2001

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