Meaning is Healing: Generative Philosophy Against Pandemic Totalitarianism

In common parlance, poetry and philosophy are often considered to be inoperative, beautifully vain, gratuitous as would be our flights of fancy. Poets and philosophers are often seen as marginal or passive observers, masters in escaping the seriousness of realism. But philosophy and poetry are here to remind us that the object and the subject, the Real and the creative source of reality are a present conjugation that generates future fruits with a patience of slow growth, contrary to the artificial growth of unhealthy forms of capitalist and arithmomaniac politics. There is a continuous creation at work in us and all around us. At every instant the world is recreated, and we are a more or less active part in this process. A generative philosophy can heal the blindness of viral capitalism, provided that we remain aware that we are neither the measure, neither the originators of all things, thus working in tandem with the regenerative Creal, with life.

Donna Haraway calls this philosophical co-creation a “sympoiesis”, a becoming with and through each other: “We experience ourselves as a collectively-producing system with the sum becoming greater than the individuals or parts, because “nothing makes itself; nothing is really autopoietic or self-organizing”. Real space, out space, inner space and virtual space are intertwined in the crealectic collective process of allowing Gaia and its inhabitants to regenerate and repossibilize unexpectedly, moving away for analytic control and the reactive humanism that could not imagine much, before and during the coronavirus crisis, beyond “preventing people from dying physically”, thus freezing the vital flows while still digitalizing, distancing and screening our lifeworld: “Productionism and its corollary, humanism, come down to the story line that ‘man makes everything, including himself, out of the world that can only be resource and potency to his project and active agency.’” (Haraway: 1991, 297).

To favor a regenerative politics, the kind of authoritarian realpolitik that is activated in the face of macroscale dangers (the German word here is fit since Germany was leader in pandemic extreme biopolitics in 2020, the Merkel government being guilty of reawakening the national ghost of totalitarianism) may be replaced by a “Crealpolitik” of the absolutely creative Other (see link below). This quasi-absolutist anti-totalitarian crealectic strategy can be understood as the positing of an open common ground compatible with epistemic, social and existential pluralism, now that the general war on personal integrity and the schizoid-paranoid form of individualism produced by capital-humanism have failed to counter the law of globalisation in which the axiom “laissez-faire” mostly liberates financial markets, viruses and mimetic behavior.

In our times of chaos and crisis, philosophy is revealing its true generative nature. Thinking crealectically will change the world. Meaning is healing.

More here about the Creal global social contract

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