The Triumph to Be

Power produces. Global power produces. What does it produce? Victims. Many victims and a few so-called winners to cover the fact that the main production is a mental state of victimism. The current pandemia was an excellent opportunity for power to reinforce the mental state of victimism. Victimism is not only “I am a victim”, but “I can be a victim”. Power wants you to feel vulnerable. Power wants you to remain at a distance from triumph. Power wants you to think that triumph means money, and exceptionalism, and that normality is vulnerability. Power says: “Look, we die, we get ill, therefore we are weak. ” But dying and getting sick is not a sign of vulnerability. Dying, like living is a moment of your triumph, getting sick is a (all the more rare as you get more triumphant) moment in our triumphant becoming. To be is to triumph, and power wants you to remain at a distance of your own life, or your own crealectic triumph: to be, to become, to be true, to be honest and brave and without fear, to be in creation.

It is snowing outside as I write these lines, and the manifold covers itself in white, unified under a layer of purity. Much has been written about the current global crisis. We can think dialectically and realise that the Zeitgeist has manifested the moment of digital capitalism, the actualised state of electronic cybernetic control. We can realise that the fear of being a victim authorises governments to become more authoritarian. In other words victimism generates more victimism. The real sickness is humanity’s self-hatred and our passion for vulnerability, immaturity, stupefaction (stupidity) and, ultimately, the fear of our own triumph. Is this a form of ancestral guilt? Why are we so afraid or our triumph, which is our presence in the world, our creal becoming, our being here, able to think, and feel, and contemplate?

Understand that triumph is without object, understand that triumph is its own victory, that there is nothing to fear, nor death, nor suffering. You are: this is your triumph, here and now. You are the Creal that is: this is your eternal triumph.

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