Covideology in Sweden

Do we still need to explain today that facts are never neutral, that they are part of an interpretative discourse that serves a dynamic of control?

I was quite proud to see how Sweden, were I live, handled the panmedia (sic) this spring, but Since November and the so-called second wave, I regret that the ideological virus of control seems to have infected the nation as it has plagued other countries like Germany or France.

Public Libraries are now closed in Sweden even to the point that it is not possible to go in for a few minutes and borrow a few books for our children. Theatres continue to be closed and the general cultural life stricken. Swimming pools and cinemas are now closed after having been open until November. A principle of fear, control and lack of coherence is disguised under the ideology called “principle of precaution”.

I believe that Sweden has self-ridiculed itself in changing its Covid strategy at the end of 2020. The deficit in integrity of the government is now patent. People of principles do not proceed to 180 degrees demagogic turns. And the Kind of Sweden should have remained silent, as his institutional lack of relevance demands.

I am not a negationist: I believe there are many viruses out there, physical, ideological. Philosophical health is the best instrument to counter them, globally and in the long term. A deep orientation is the best form of immunology. Some principles of precaution are necessary, but shutting down life and growth in the name of hyper-hygienism does not work and weakens the vital forces of a nation.

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