Why Once Again a Return to Greek Thought Might Be Needed in Our Panmediatic Times

Question: how is it that the Greeks were so clairvoyant 3000 years ago and what has become of them? Answer: holistic and crealectic intelligence is partly Ancient Greek and we are all Ancient Greeks insofar as we practice philosophical health. “Ancient Greek” or “philosophy” (probably synonyms?) is the name of a mutation in the human psyche, which is being forgotten today as a proportion of humanity is regressing into a pre-Greek state of gregariousness, via the pseudo-innocences of victimisation or arithmomania for example. The Greek mythology often shows more intelligence than the christology in which we are still enmeshed, for example the fact that the goddess Hygeia (hygiene) means wholeness.

One healthy way among others to combat the current panmediatic phenomenon, this lecture by James Hillman:

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