Crealectics as Method

Crealectics believes in the singularity at the core of each person, and in the possibility for diversity and possibility to be harmoniously attuned to an ideal collective life. In nature, this teleology is called creative evolution. In human groups, this ideal is also creative evolution and we can co-design it. In both cases we have networks of signs which can be configured in multifarious manner into a performative discursivity, a web of practice.

Crealectics as method is a philosophical conversation that is embedded in day-to-day practices, desires, and actions in order to keep us aligned with our highest sense of purpose and actualisation, in harmony with the Creal, the creative becoming of the universe.

It is a deep dialogue and deep listening process between individuals and groups that unveils and transforms a vision into a reality by creating a spirited culture of doing, and slowly generate a second nature of care, inquisitive joy and creative responsibility.

Crealectics transports us from our default modes of doing to a new and freer constancy in practice. This creation of a new constellation of belief and action takes time, because it needs to become a habit of co-creation against less inspired, less holistic or disharmonious routines.

Crealectics is a training towards responsible freedom and effectuality via discursive practices, and first and foremost the oldest tool of humanity: transformative discourse. This method and practice of responsible idealisation, a martial art for the mind, creates within the individual brain or the collective brain of the group an eudynamic neural network that is more attuned with the ever-flowing nature of the cosmos and the new possibilities that are hiding in the older routines. It is an inspired and suspended and metamorphic web of excellence above the normative modes of sleep-walking through life.

A Crealectic brain, group or person is flexible and plastic, capable to improvise and dare while being extremely faithful to her ideal, respect of creation, justice, common intelligence, harmony, peaceful living, inquisitive joy, etc.

Humans are driven by Ideas. We might not be aware of it, but we are ideological animals, and we act according to beliefs and discursive worldviews. Groups or individuals perform better when they are aware of their guiding ideas, and they perform better if they admire their highest principle. Otherwise, they are a collection of disparate individuals who might abide to different webs of belief in a state of chaos, war or competition. Interdiscursive harmony between various groups or individuals can only be maintained via a shared respect for creation as common ground.

The crealectic conversation allows to slowly adjust the collective frequency of understanding and create a culture of caring, daring and harmonious becoming. This does not mean that we create a society that is not diverse, quite the contrary: since the ultimate value is the singularity of our co-creative pulse, this continuous ontological and immanent Big Bang that is the Creal, difference between individuals is maintained as an openness to the unheard-of and a trust in the fact that anything can be said or heard during the crealectic conversation, without fear of being wrong, unrealistic or judged.

A new life is possible.

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