Year: 2021

  • Interview on the idea of esprit de corps

    My book on esprit de corps is out in paperback next week. Daily Philosophy magazine did this interview:

  • To Be Is To Create

    Everything is creation. Nothing is inert. Everything is constantly blossoming, not only the flower but also the industrial building that I see outside of the train’s window. The world is anthesis, which means that the synthesis of all beings is blossoming, phaino, crealing. Things and beings are constantly phenomenalizing themselves, not out of themselves, but out […]

  • Publication: Philosophical Health

    The Palgrave Encyclopedia of the Possible Living Edition | Editors: Vlad Petre Glăveanu (Editor-in-Chief) Philosophical Health, by Luis de Miranda Abstract/Summary In the last decades of the twentieth century, the first contemporary “philosophical counselors” started to appear in Europe and the USA, sometimes equating the idea of “philosophical health” with “spiritual health” or “therapy for the sane,” thus […]

  • Video: A Philosophical Counseling Session with Luis de Miranda – Nicholas

    Nicholas came to me because he was disappointed with Jordan Peterson’s realistic advices (get a job, don’t dream, etc), which he tried to apply but which, Nicholas said, shut down his spirituality. Here is what a Philosophical Counseling session can look like. Sessions at the Philosophical Parlour are all different, and yet humans from all […]

  • Fred Tschida’s Bodies of Delight

    Fred Tschida’s Bodies of Delight

    As a follow up to my book Being and Neonness (MIT Press), I was asked to write a piece for the catalogue of Circlesphere, the Neon Sculpture Exhibition organised by the Wakefield Art House (UK) and curated by Richard Weather around the work of Fred Tschida. Below is the text I wrote. Luis de Miranda […]

  • What is the Essence of a Person?

    What is the Essence of a Person?

    To think is to attempt to grasp a circle of abundance that is moving and maintain its energy for a while in a given portion of spacetime. It is possible that everything is true only for a moment. 2+2=4 is true every time I write, say or count it, but in-between these moments what guaranties […]

  • From Split-Mind to Attunement

    Open Access article: Effects of Renaming Schizophrenia in Korea: from “Split-Mind Disorder” to “Attunement Disorder” Jang Won Cho et al. Korean Neuropsychiatric Association changed the Korean name of schizophrenia from ‘Split-mind Disorder’ to ‘Attunement Disorder’ in 2012.

  • C.R.E.A.L.

    Those who follow this blog know that Creal is not originally an acronym. It is an ontological axiom on which I have written more or less (less than more) extensively since 2008. See for example the Crealectic Intelligence entry of the Palgrave Encyclopaedia of the Possible: Or see this paper on the concept of Creal […]

  • Beyond the Anthropocene: The Regenerocene

    I will be giving a presentation at the First Annual Conference of the European Culture and Technology Lab (9 and 10 December 2021). The theme of the conference is: Techne Logos and the (Neg) Anthropocene. Below is the abstract of my talk (admirative thanks to the organisers who accepted an abstract that criticises some of […]