To Be Is To Create

Everything is creation. Nothing is inert. Everything is constantly blossoming, not only the flower but also the industrial building that I see outside of the train’s window. The world is anthesis, which means that the synthesis of all beings is blossoming, phaino, crealing. Things and beings are constantly phenomenalizing themselves, not out of themselves, but out of the creal principle in them. Things are also enmeshed in complex creative processes, not just manifesting themselves. To be is to create. 

One may ask: what is the novelty production of an industrial building minute after minute? It looks the same now and one minute ago. How is it creating? Because despite the fact that it looks the same, it is not the same. A closer look, a more artistic attunement, knows that everything is constantly changing in multiple ways. A simple way to understand this constant becoming is to compare it with a time-lapse movie, in which images are highly accelerated such that we discover that everything is in flow. An industrial building is of course producing goods, this is the obvious process, but the industrial and social production is only one part of the multifarious creating process of any actual entity. If we forget about this, there are not only philosophical consequences, but also environmental consequences: an industrial building is also creating nefarious effects.

One may ask: what is the new if creation is everywhere? From the perspective of process philosophy and crealectics, novelty is ubiquitous: it is the effect of creative becoming itself. Every smile is new, every breath you take, and if you look at this cup of coffee, it is constantly manifesting a new state of itself, slightly different from the previous one.

But nothing is new sui generis, out of nowhere: only the Creal is sui generis, self-creating. A human being for example cannot be fundamentally self-creating. This does not mean that we do not have some creative agency: we can orient ourselves, we can shape our intellectual-ethical coherence, our philosophical health, we can be more or less creative, because we are (in) the Creal. The first principle of philosophical health is to accept that the multiverse is constantly creating, that humans do not have the monopoly of creation. Ants create. Plants create. To create is to participate in the actualization of the Creal.

Let me finish this post with an apple tree time-lapse, which manifests the truth that Eve and Adam could have figured out without the input of the snake…

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