Greta and the Creal

A prescient excerpt from an article by Guy Burneko in the journal World Futures (2005).

“Whether in the terms of the ecology of natural systems or those of the ecology of mind and nature, be it in the cosmological mathematics of wholeness and mutual implication or the mythopoeic tropes of an undivided cosmos coming to intensifying (self)awareness in our creative scientific and aesthetic sensibilities, then and now, East and West, the world widely accords that as creation is one and whole, creativity is ever here and now, in the first person of the cosmic all-together. To be creative, in this interpretation, is in diversified harmony to participate, impart, receive, and meaningfully enrich the natural processes and patterns of cosmogenesis without imposing fragmented ego-demands.

Creation speaks in the first person, saying “I am here and now” in all settings, although the personal pronoun “I” is usually identified more with “you” or “me” as a “way of speaking” of creation than as a perfect name for its origin, locale, or action. We locate creation in our separate selves and in our own or in natural acts. Creation, however, events, names, nouns and pronouns itself as I, you, Greta, cyanobacteria, or Etna because that is convenient for us—who think of ourselves as individual Gretas, or as beings picking up and putting down creativity in the midst of other goings-on—in our keeping track of creation: as if it were one thing and we and the affairs of the world others. But the track we are keeping is of an everywhere and ever continuing creation (that is both ourselves and nature) no more broken up into you and me and the mountains and seas than it is sometimes here and sometimes not here, or than it is an external, objective “it.””

Read the full article here

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