Cognidiversity, a Kaleidoscope of Ways of Doing and thinking

Babies come into the world through a tube which at its origin is a kaleidoscope of infinite possibility, but which ends at its social end in this reductive and limited image called reality. This would be enough to cry for a long time, perhaps even to remain more or less inconsolable. Crealectic souls, however, try to regain some control of the kaleidoscope, by returning mentally and experientially to the creal source and by giving the world the shapes, colours and arrangements their fervour hopes for. All too often the monoscopic imperatives of society lash our faces in denying us an access to our deeper aspirations. Diversity should be a new struggle, indeed (but not the superficial one that attaches itself to skin colour or genital variations): the world needs cognitive diversity, an explosion of philosophical colours and a generous palette of ways of doing and thinking.

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