Cognidiversity and Creativity

The French mathematician Jean-Pierre Aubin writes: “Developing a discipline is not enough […]: what is also—and especially—needed is to seek within disciplines the motivations to forge new ways of understanding in each one. Because ultimately, understanding means the “validation of metaphors” linking knowledge already acquired with new perceptions of the world. To achieve this, we have to be creative, and therefore undisciplined. Like life itself, science evolves with no particular goal, because—as Paul Valéry wrote about life—if it had a goal, it would no longer be science. Like life itself, science is increasing “cognidiversity”: undisciplined thinkers from every discipline, rise up and diversify!”

I believe we can replace here discipline with person. In my view, cognidiversity or cognitive diversity is a higher faculty of mentalization or theory of mind, one through which you make yourself open to (and capable of conceiving) different thought-systems (or the tendency towards a different thought-system), whether in other beings (humans and non-humans), but also within yourself (to overcome bad habits of thought or unhealthy beliefs). Crealectics is cognidiversity because from the multiversal immanent creative influx (the Creal), diverse biosemiotic worlds, webs of meaning, can emerge.

Question: how then can we articulate this much needed cognitive diversity within a common world, a shared world without too much antagonism? This is a question I answered (briefly) in this chapter about the politico-ethical horizon of the Creal:

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