Summer Dive (Poem)

a poem by Luis de Miranda

O daring life! Life resurrected, from fields of attunement to drops of conspicuity,

Anonymous shelters for the hungry and lone,

Storms of whispers, waves of now, songs of vacuity,

And the essence of love exhilarated to the bone

In sparkling explosions of liquid liberation,

Exuding the net of our regeneration…

We sing for the despaired, the forceless, the ready to renounce

Yet aspiring to breaths of enlivenment underneath their perceptive wells,

Not yet exhausted but confused, searching for a bounce

Outside the ring of repetition and the anxiety of their cells,

Blind to the field of creation that supports their revival

Behind the epileptic screens of organized survival…

At every hour we can dive by the rejuvenating rock

Into the waters of infinity, shouting deliriously against the mechanic

Imposed not by life, but by the administrative blocks

Which secrete their illusion of power into our body electronic,

Splash! We dive by virtue of goodwill, faithful to our generous inflexion,

Confident in the ever-renewed flow of our imagination…

In times of ingratitude, thou shall not cease to give!

In times of somnambulism, stay awake and real!

Your bare arm does not need tricks up its sleeve

If it speaks signs within the field of Creal.

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