Health as a philosophical issue – Unesco Round table with Luis de Miranda

To celebrate World Philosophy Day 2020, four high-level round tables will be organized online on November 19 and 20 with eminent philosophers from all regions, who will be invited to reflect on the meaning of the current pandemic from different tools and philosophical perspectives.

The third round table “Health as a philosophical issue” will take place on Friday 20 November from 11 a.m to 1 p.m. (Paris time):

The ancient question of what health consists of, which has occupied philosophers since antiquity, takes on a new twist in the face of a pandemic which, more so than the plague at La Fontaine, affects including those it does not reach. But it does not affect all equally: thinking about health at the level of a society poses essential questions of inequalities and fractures.


– Bjorn Morten Hofman (Norway): researcher in the philosophy of medicine, professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology at Gjøvik and  adjunct professor at the Centre for medical ethics at the University of Oslo

Luis de Miranda (France): philosopher and writer, researcher at the Center for Medical Humanities at Uppsala University, philosophical counselor at The Philosophical Parlour, Stockholm.

Paulina Rivero Weber (Mexico) : philosopher, responsible of the bioethics Center at the Autonomous University of Mexico

Moderator: Eleonora Lamm, Consultant in bioethics at UNESCO, PHD in law and bioethics from the University of Barcelona.

Simultaneous English / French interpretation will be provided.

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