Nature Stands as a Temple…

Baudelaire’s Correspondances. This was one of my favourite poems when I was a teenager: the first four verses did strike a chord. I remember thinking: that’s it! Today, I decided to take a few minutes to read it for all those who doubt there is a higher power of infinite possibility, a Creal natural flow which we can feel if we let it heal us. This starts with a deep listening and grateful surrendering.

Baudelaire here echoed Swedenborg. In her biography of Swedenborg, quoting the book Divine Love and Wisdom (2012), Signe Toksvig writes:

“All psychological processes were immaterial events which could have an effect in the material world. And these effects were often “correspondences”; they expressed either directly or in symbolic form their spiritual cause. […] Life, for him, was a force emanating from the Divine. […] Temporary, soul-stuff “phantasies” could become materialised – appear in solid earth-stuff – if they “which in themselves are spiritual meet with homogeneous or corresponding things in the earths for then are present both the spiritual that furnishes a soul and the material that furnishes a body.”

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