Why Philosophize? Because No One is Like You.

Philosophy is the only authentic attitude in life because it does not pretend to know which road to follow or attempt to tell someone else which definite road to follow in life.

Each new appearance of a human being on earth reshuffles the possibles. Each newborn arrives from the Creal, deeply unique, deeply capable of multiple meanings, practices and beliefs. It is quite fascinating and sublime that after thousands of years of human experience, there are still no precise life rules that can apply beneficially to each person as a singular being with a singular destiny. Despite all the science of things available, there is not much that parents can impose rightfully on a human that is never a thing, but a singular person. We can teach interchangeable tools like languages, precautionary habits or table manners, but there is no predetermined golden path to follow, no educational standard for personal bliss.

Each person must create for herself her destiny rules: this is the deep challenge of embodied philosophy. You must have the courage to face the fact that your soul is off-road by nature. We are in the Creal, despite the societal inauthentic efforts to completely cover it with realistic protocols, rules and recipes.

One might take the highway and stay on it to pretend they know what a safe life is. We might follow real codes, but those are always superficial like driving on the left or the right – easily forgotten and replaced. Sleep-driving on a supposedly secured highway won’t make your existence safer as a person. Your body might be temporarily protected but you are not a mere body. There is no such thing as necessity in matters of subjectivity. You, as a unique person with a unique biography, are condemned to be existentially and philosophically creative and responsible for your own meaning. You cannot escape your responsibility towards philosophical honesty. Your anxiety is not a call to adapt and adjust: it is a call to embrace your uniqueness and the adventure of your life. Be brave, be.

No need to travel to Alaska to be in the wild. As persons, each of us is in the wild here and now, without equal, without peer, without predefined way. Practical philosophy, even if just five minutes a day, is the only responsible attitude towards life, and life without philosophy ends up in hypocrisy and denial.

Philosophising your life is not a choice nor a luxury: it is the only authentic way to live, because in the end, even if many may like you, no one is like you. No one else is you.

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