Write Me A Poem

Write me a poem that sounds like a rainbow of raindrops against the stained glass of a cathedral reflecting colours at the speed of light!

Do it now, make it short like a troubadour’s song, dancing on his toes on top of a burning fire while the bear’s laughter breaks the chains of slavery and the public wonders!

Write me a rhyme that encompasses all verses of my life and blows them into white feathers floating with the incandescent ashes in the wind!

Do it before you forget the youth that was promised to all that could for just one minute or one year, light as angels, write this hymn and make it triumphant so that the fortress’s doors open and the moment or the year become eternity and the gray city implodes into a child’s confident indifference!

Write or speak and we shall all speak together, you me and those who behind us are dancing a synchronised dance, waiting for our composition and direction to tell them, yes, like us you can be joyful, you can be strong and you shall last as long as you believe in the duration of grace, and the infinitesimal preponderance of love over matter!

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