The Soulmate Parentheses (a poem)


Now he knows she is his soulmate

(For lack of a better noun

Designating the partner of fate

With whom one is harmoniously bound).


An equilibrium found and yet to conquer,

Between freedom and the pre-established:

(The paradox of destiny is to alter

Determinism with the accomplished).


Now she knows they are each other’s half

(For lack of a better formulation –

Love cannot be shown on a graph

As a mathematical equation.


Does one plus one equal four?

The ones we are not anymore,

And the two ones created by their complicity

Defining a unified multiplicity?)


Now they know they have started a novel

Of an existential kind,

A cosmology for the everyday vessel

Transporting them away from the blind


To the land of creation and order,

Surrendering and Mastery,

A kingdom with no other border

Than the horizon of their own mystery.

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