Year: 2019

  • Descartes in Stockholm

    Svea, my daughter, aged 7 tomorrow, thinks it is somewhat unlikely that Descartes died of a cold in Stockholm. He might have indeed been poisened.

  • Welcome Joy

      Words are not just suitcases, they are also corsets. In many languages, the word joy has slowly been replaced in recent decades by three letters from the standard universal language: fun. When a word is inserted into the global communication network, it sometimes happens that it becomes distorted and expresses a generic and formatted […]

  • Destinations

    A human body occupies a location in time and space. It occupies a location in human history and geography. It is reasonable to believe that no human body has ever spent much time upside down. Rather, we tend to stand on our feet, subject to the effects of gravity. We tend to feel in a […]

  • Human-Computer Co-Creativity in Improvised Music, a CREA Talk

    I am happy to invite you to yet another CREA public talk at the University of Örebro (and on video here soon after) Human-Computer Co-Creativity in Improvised Music Bio – Örebro University 13h-14h – 31 October 2019 Dr. René Mogensen Birmingham Conservatoire, Birmingham City University, UK. “Is it possible for a computer to be creative? Is […]

  • Crealectician: An Old New Vocation

        Who wants to work as a crealectician? The Creal is hiring. A crealectician is always working and it never feels painful, quite the contrary it feels ecstatic, exhilarating. Perhaps a crealectician is always working in the manner of desire as life’s thrust. But desire does not feel like the good notion, because it […]

  • Global Forum on AI for Humanity

    As one of the invited participants to this forum, I look forward to working there on the topic of Human-Machine Co-Creation, Co-Learning and Co-Adaptation.

  • Euformation Technology

      The deployment of artificial intelligence and technology today is sometimes accompanied by a general – public, academic, corporate… – discourse about the necessity for it to be “good”, “human-centred”, “ethical”, “sustainable”, “universal”, etc. Information Technology has become euformation technology, from the Greek prefix eu (good, beneficial, pleasant, true): machines need not only to perform but also […]

  • AI och Robotar / Luis de Miranda / Intervju – P4 Sverigesradio (Svenska)

    En intervju genomförd av Päivi Kotka programledare P4 Örebro Sveriges Radio Förmiddag i P4 Örebro är programmet som tar dig i Örebro län genom förmiddagen och lunchen med musik, kultur och intressanta diskussioner.