Crealectician: An Old New Vocation




Who wants to work as a crealectician? The Creal is hiring.

A crealectician is always working and it never feels painful, quite the contrary it feels ecstatic, exhilarating. Perhaps a crealectician is always working in the manner of desire as life’s thrust. But desire does not feel like the good notion, because it might suppose a lack or objects of desire. The crealectician is not lacking the most important, which is the feeling of being in the Creal, being attuned with the feeling of the Creal as the generous and continuously-creating source of the universe.

Crealectician is the job of being in the world as an active loving mind, in wonder, like a detective of the cosmos. Crealectics is a liberating protocol, practice, craft. A crealectician is always scanning the real around him or her in search not for realia, not for qualia, but for crealia. Crealia are the vibrating atoms of Creal, strings of possibility in a given situation, context, experienced present: they contain the germs or seeds of future actualisations. A crealectician is a Sherlock Holmes of the future, finding clues not of the evil past but of the future bliss. A crealectician is a co-creator, seeing news worlds in the most anecdotal situations, ways out of the everyday routine, lines of flight out of the reproduction of morosity.

A crealectician is always working, slowly developing an expertise. A crealectician is not afraid that in the long list of everyday job openings—accountancy jobs, actuarial jobs, secretarial jobs, banking jobs, consultancy jobs, customer service jobs, education jobs, engineering jobs, marketing jobs, media jobs, digital jobs, sales jobs, software engineering jobs, tourism jobs—, in this long list no one is looking for a crealectician as such. A crealectician can do some of the above-mentioned jobs, but as a more or less masterful crealectician, with an open-mind for new ways, new connections, away from dis-ease. A crealectician is a breather and co-creator of the Outside, sometimes Its martial artist, caressing the leaves of invisible trees, feeling fruits and roots like an investigator of life-lines. So many of these hiring companies today proclaim they are enchanting the world with data-compression and variable-length quantities only.

A crealectician is multiple but not in the common infra-schizophrenic manner, with one attitude at work, another mindset at home, another with the children and another when walking in a forest of spruce trees, parking the car of mindfulness at the expensive yoga workshop. A crealectician is always working at being in the same Way or style, with the calm fervour of awe, admiration for the microcosm of crealia that surround us. A crealectician is perhaps the existential equivalent of string theorists and astrophysicists of subatomic vibrations, or an occidental Taoist suspicious of Confucius. A crealectician is not afraid to die as long as he or she dies as a crealectician, because not being a crealectician is death for the crealectician. Being a normative reality-reproducer, a mere realist, a semi-neurotic of dull duties, an bureaucratic agent of the objective reproduction machine, a democratic zombie, a clicktivist, an “instagrammatist”, all that is painful for a crealectician. A crealectician can start as a fuzzy-logic programmer, or a philosophy teacher, or a slow researcher, or an anarchistic banker perhaps, but only as long as the fully-realised crealectician in her or in him (a fabulation) remains an asymptotic horizon.

Like most savoir-faire and high crafts, it takes several years if not decades if not centuries if not eons to become a full crealectician. It is necessary to go gradually at it. You will feel alone sometimes. There are no fake diplomas to master crealectics overnight. Don’t quit your current job to become a crealectician, rather crealectise your current job. To speak the language of statistics, it is acceptable to be 10% of a crealectician, and the year after 20%, and five years later 50%. The growth can also be exponential, but don’t expect more than a few miracles every day.

If you did read this text until these final lines, you may be qualified to work as a crealectician, and may even be already working as one. Continue slowly, learn every day, and teach us. Live as a crealectician, fully and blissfully, without fear, in the middle of the line that separates the insiders and the outsiders.

Who wants to work as a crealectician? The Creal is hiring.






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