Imagining the Future of Philosophical Health, a Public Workshop at Unesco

Unesco Workshop.png


Unesco headquarters, Paris – Monday 16 December 2019 – 14h30 – free and open participation

Given the current state of the world and the feeling that modern institutions, paradigms and subjectivities are becoming obsolete, it is time for a creative tabula rasa to deal with growing pathologies of free will, polarisations and lack of faith in the future. Let’s imagine together the future of physical, psychological and philosophical health! For Nietzsche, philosophical health or “great health” was about our connection to an overflowing abundance (of life, of cosmos, of love, of creation), cheerfulness and laughter, living experimentally, and forgetting. There seems to be today an affinity between philosophical health and neurodiversity, a concept where neurological differences are to be recognised and respected, not as diseases but as variations, transmutations perhaps, possibilities for being otherwise, other forms of health potentially, albeit apparently unadapted to our current standards and norms. This participatory workshop will demonstrate the power of collective intelligence as a healthy way to manifest possible futures. Participants will feel and experience that knowledge, like the future, is not an object to be used as a commodity but a flow of intentions and anticipations in constant becoming, necessitating an attitude of care, dialogue, joy and vigilance in the present. Participants will become aware that they should avoid using the future as a predictable pattern only, and reflect on their deep desire, their ideals, their destiny in light of the collective destiny and political and existential interdependency of their fellow citizens.

Luis de Miranda, Workshop Convener:

As the author of internationally published philosophical essays and novels, and as a philosophical counselor in the premises of a psychotherapy institute (Livslinjen, Stockholm, Sweden), Luis de Miranda, PhD, works on our potential for healthier ways of life and care of ourselves based on the philosophical tradition, techniques and way of thinking/minding. He is currently designing his own method, crealectics, which he introduced in a former Unesco workshop in October 2019. He is the conductor of the Philosophical Health International network and a researcher at Örebro University, Sweden. His next book, Ensemblance, will be published by Edinburgh University Press in March 2020.

Other members of Philosophical Health International will be present:

Contact us for RSVP and more details regarding the exact location

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