How to Write The Book of Your Life, An Improvised Musical Talk


How to Write The Book of Your Life
– An Improvised Talk of Which You are the Hero, with Piano Accompaniment

by philosopher and author Luis de Miranda and pianist Peter Knudsen


To create a book you need: letters, inspiration, paper or a computer, a way of transposing an inspiration and experience into sentences, and you need a reader, an audience. But where does the inspiration come from? Here we could discuss the so-called Infinite Monkey Theorem. A Monkey writing randomly on a computer for an infinite amount of time would eventually write a meaningful masterpiece, as if by coincidence. Randomness versus intentionality. The truth is we are no monkeys, we have limited time and no book is written randomly. Same thing regarding your life. It is probably not infinite, so why would you live randomly like an infinite monkey, hoping for meaning to emerge without intention, without determination, without the deep involvement of your crealectical self? How can creation be a process of healthy growth a process of destiny-shaping? That is the way Luis de Miranda, PhD, practices philosophical counseling at the Philosophical Parlour in Stockholm, after having been a professional independent publisher for many years, helping others write meaningful books, and after having written many books himself (fiction and non-fiction), translated in various languages: Luis helps each person write the alchemical and embodied book of their life, as their own masterpiece. The philosopher’s stone is a charcoal pencil.

This talk will last 20 minutes. At the beginning, Luis de Miranda will take 20 words offered by audience, and improvise a speech around these words, while Peter Knudsen, jazz composer, will accompany him.

A degustation of Port wine will close the event around 18h45

Language: English

9th December

From 18.00 to 19.00

Center Camões at Stockholm University

Stockholms universitet, Universitetsvägen 10, Södra Huset, Hus B, plan 5, Sal B522A &B522B

10691 Stockholm

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