Infinitely Creative Spirit (Hegel and the Creal)

There is a very active Hegel Study Group on Facebook. If only for that reason we can say that Facebook is still useful. Today I posted the sentences below, let’s see how the conversation unfolds:

“The supreme definition of the absolute is not that it is spirit in general, but that it is the Spirit absolutely manifests to itself, absolutely self-conscious, the infinitely creative Spirit.” (Hegel, 1971 – Encyclopedia of the philosophical sciences, W.Cerf & H.S. Harris (trans.) Albany, NY: SUNY Press.) Who would like to join me in studying the infinite creativity of Spirit in Hegel? My interest for this comes from a deep investment in the concept of Creal, which is the name I give to processual Spirit, a concept that unifies process philosophers such as Hegel, Bergson, Whitehead and Deleuze

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