Conscientizing Artificial Intelligence

There is no such thing as intelligence as a separated thing out there. It can not be localised in a machine or a brain. Intelligence is an act, a process of conscientization. It is a never-ending creative and asymptotic process towards existential, cosmological and political lucidity that uses disparate and ever-changing strategies.

This process of making sense of the dynamic multiple and deciphering the not-yet-conscious (crealectics), cannot be merely algorithmic. It is, on the contrary, the unmasking and overcoming of social, natural, mechanical algorithms. Even science, when it finds an equation, must soon realise that this equation is not universally applicable. All laws are overflowed by the Creal at some point or place.

The field of Artificial Intelligence (and us with it) is condemned to experience many more cold winters if it does not understand the above sentences. 

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