CREA Public Talk – “Anticipatory Artificial Intelligence” | Michael Rovatsos

Anticipatory AI, a talk by Dr Michael Rovatsos, Director of the Bayes Center at the University of Edinburgh

23 May 2019, 13h – Bio – Forum – Örebro University – CREA Seminar, funded by RJ

CREA is a part of Örebro University’s larger effort to promote multidisciplinary research in AI


“As AI strives to replicate human intelligence in artefacts that utilise digital computing machinery, it involves multiple, interdependent processes of predictive modelling, some of which occur on the side of the designer at design time (when the system is built), while others take place within the artefact itself at runtime (when the system operates in its environment). In this talk, I will discuss the anticipatory aspects of different AI techniques and their consequences on our abilities to anticipate the impact of these systems.”


Read the article here

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