Notes on Hegel

Science of Logic part I

Philosophy or science is after-thought. Thought is primary, not reflexive. Thought is life.

“philosophy should understand that its content is no other than actuality, that core of truth which, originally produced and producing itself within the precincts of the mental life, has become the world, the inward and outward world, of consciousness. At first we become aware of these contents in what we call Experience.”

Thought is actuality, which is deeper than appearance.
Spirit is the cause of the world
The only absolute or infinite objects are God, Spirit, Freedom
“thought in its very nature is dialectical, and that, as understanding, it must fall into contradiction—the negative of itself—will form one of the main lessons of logic.”

“thought is one out of many activities or faculties of the mind, co-ordinate with such others as sensation, perception, imagination, desire, volition, and the like. The product of this activity, the form or character peculiar to thought, is the UNIVERSAL, or, in general, the abstract. Thought, regarded as an activity, may be accordingly described as the active universal, and, since the deed, its product, is the universal once more, may be called a self-actualizing universal.”

“The difference between conception and thought is of special importance: because philosophy may be said to do nothing but transform conceptions into thoughts—though it works the further transformation of a mere thought into a notion.”
“Particular ends can be attained only in the attainment of what absolutely is and exists in its own right.”

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