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  • Awakening to Philosophical Health

    We may be looking for objective possibilities in the real world if it seems we can grab or purchase them as available choices: this is a weaker sense of the possible, a possibility that is ready-made as opposed to the unimpossible of creal virtuality. Philosophical dis-ease happens when we neglect our intercreative sense of the possible while […]

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  • Three Forms of Intelligence According to Crealectics

    The authors of the following article used my tripartite definition of intelligence to reflect on Deepfakes: Campbell, C., Plangger, K., Sands, S., & Kietzmann, J. H. (2022). The coming reality of fakes: How Deepfakes and AI could reshape the ad industry. JOURNAL OF ADVERTISING RESEARCH. “We draw in literature during the discussion of our findings to […]

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  • Can an In-House Philosopher Be a Free Thinker?

    In the recently released Jurassic World: Dominion, Jeff Goldblum plays Ian Malcolm, the “in-house” philosopher of the biotech multinational Biosyn. He delivers edifying speeches to the employees, which may reinforce the ideology of the company while being slightly critical on a metalevel. The CEO calls him a bit of a contrarian, but can a contrarian […]

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the Creal

No matter who you are, chances are the Real as defined by realism is not enough for you. You have a sense of the possible, and therefore are connected with ultimate possibility, a.k.a the Creal.


I have still not made up my mind regarding the second part of the etymology of crealectics. Does it stand for ekto (exteriorization) or logos, as in dialectics. Probably both, as you can see.

My daughter asked me to use the profile of my hand to draw something and it became the letter C.