Trump’s Unnoticed Mantra: “Esprit de Corps”

President Trump uses the phrase “esprit de corps” on a fairly regular basis. Am I the only one to notice it? (Perhaps because I just published a book on the intellectual history of esprit de corps.)

Here is the last-to-date occurence of the phrase “esprit de corps” in Trump’s mouth, from September 2020:

I want to thank everybody for working so hard in Florida. And they’re very good at this. The people in Florida handle it; they know how to handle it. And the people working there know how to handle it. The governors have all been spoken to, and it’s a combination of real spirit. And they have a tremendous esprit de corps.

Donald Trump, Remarks by President Trump in Press Briefing | September 16, 2020

And below is a short video from 2018:

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Luis de Miranda

Crealectician, PhD, author, philosophical counselor

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